Mon Coin Missions

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Mission 1: Self
In the first mission, we will explore the theme of identity. Show us something about who you are, but without revealing your identity or showing your face.



Micro Mission 1a: My Collection
Many of us collect things. Our collections are a reflection of who we are. Show us what you collect. Sharing a collection visually is all about showing many things in one image. This is the second micro mission. It is related to the #mission1_self.


Micro Mission 1b: What I Make
Many of us make things. What we make reflects who we are. Show us what you make.

Mission 2: My School
The second mission involves visually communicating what your school means to you.

Mission 3: My Neighbourhood
The third mission involves visually
communicating what the neighbourhood around the school and where you live, means to you.

Mission 4a: Post your own Mission This is our favorite mission. For this one we want you to post a mission with a photo for your classmate’s and teacher to respond to. Good missions are specific yet open-ended that you can’t predict what people will post as a response. Good missions get at what connects us as humans, yet asks us on our unique experience to create a response. Please, ensure that your missions will not require the person who responds to harm themselves, others or property.