Investigating mobile learning networks to foster educational engagement

Mobile Media, Visual Art, and Education

We examine how youth are empowered by a sense of autonomy over their mobility, learning how to make images, presenting aspects of themselves online, and curriculum designed to support peer-learning.


“The field of art education offers something significant to mobile media use in schools because of the visuality of communication today.” Juan Carlos Castro, Principal Investigator, Mon Coin.


Concordia Art Education professor says future of education is online – if we do it correctly

In his new book, Juan Carlos Castro says that learning on a mobile phone gives youth a sense of agency they lack in a traditional classroom Last spring, Juan Carlos Castro, associate professor and chair of the Department of Art Education at Concordia, penned an opinion piece in the Montreal Gazette that questioned reopening schools during the COVID-19 …


Une recherche sur la motivation des élèves du secondaire utilise les réseaux sociaux. Et si les plateformes de socialisation en ligne comme Instagram pouvaient aider les élèves à mieux apprendre les concepts vus en classe? Le professeur de l’École des arts visuels et médiatiques Martin Lalonde s’intéresse à l’impact des technologies numériques mobiles sur l’enseignement …

Book just published – Mobile Media In and Outside of the Art Classroom: Attending to Identity, Spatiality, and Materiality

This edited volume explores a range of educational effects on student learning that resulted from a long-term study using a creative visual arts curriculum designed for mobile media (smartphones and tablets) and used in art classrooms. The curriculum, entitled MonCoin, a French phrase meaning My Corner, was initially designed and piloted in a Montreal area …